SPB AirIslands

SPB AirIslands 1.1

Create and manage your own island in this strategy game

Once upon a time, somewhere in the skies there was a huge magic world... People who lived there worked and progressed, they settled down and expanded their territory by discovering and inhabiting new and uncharted realms. A magic Castle built up by an ancient race was at the very centre of the world. That ancient race had given birth to the whole civilization. They were known as "The Ancients". "The Ancients" built up an intricate system of buildings called Gravitators.

The purpose of the system of Gravitators was to control the integrity of that magic world. For centuries, daily life depended on the stable working of the system, which consisted of thousands of Gravitators, built up in different parts of the world, interoperating with each other and organized in a chain. But time had no mercy on the ancient buildings. And one day the thing that they feared would happened...

Welcome to SPB AirIslands, the first Pocket PC game featuring all the benefits of a powerful PC strategy and designed for Pocket PC playing scenario. Be the owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying excellent graphics (qVGA and VGA supported), high quality sound and original game concept. Enjoy 3 mini-games included.

Features of SPB AirIslands include:

  • Build up your own unique island
  • Amazing qVGA and VGA graphics
  • 3 additional mini-games to earn resources
  • 8 different types of buildings
  • Screensaver mode

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SPB AirIslands


SPB AirIslands 1.1

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